Hollis Tree Service

General Tree Care Hollis, NY

JRs Tree Service offers a wide variety of services in Hollis, New York. Hire us, a licensed and insured arborist to maintain your trees and shrubs on your property. We have been in the tree business for over 25 years providing tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, treatments, tree planting & cabling. 5 Certified Arborists on staff. Arborists will discuss the best course of action based on your desired outcome after taking a look at your trees in relation to your home.
We offer general tree trimming for Residential & Commercial. Trained Professionals. Healthier & Better Looking Trees With Zero Home Damage. Contact Us Today!

Tree Service CleanUp Hollis, NY

Tree Removal Services By Our Friendly And Experienced Team. We are highly qualified tree service professionals that love trees and would like to discuss plans for tree maintenance, tree care, and overall landscape improvement for your home or business.
We always offer affordable prices for all of our services. We have a full fleet of trucks and can provide superior services with full clean-up after any tree services to your lot or property by removing unwanted growth, scrub brush and trees. We are highly qualified tree service professionals that love trees and would like to discuss plans for tree maintenance, tree care, and overall landscape improvement.

Tree Stump Removal Hollis, NY

After tree removal – the stump remains. Stump removal needs to be done right. Be sure to call us. You can rent a stump remover – but please be cautious – the equipment used required an expert with experience. Please allow experts to take care of unwanted stumps in your yard. It is crucial to hire a talented and professional tree services company in Hollis, NY to remove the stumps from your yard.

Residential Tree Services in Hollis, NY

Whether you are looking for around-the-clock emergency tree service or want an unsightly or damaged tree removed, turn to JRs Tree Service. We have been in business for over 25 years and are approved by NYC Dept. Of Parks & Housing Authority. Call to inquire about our senior and military discounts!

We value the attractiveness and environmental impact trees provide the Queen’s area. Law requires us to maintain minimum clearances for tree trimming and pruning.

Tree trimming is a crucial part of our responsibility to have healthy trees that will continue to grow. We’ve understood that trees are an intricate part of Hollis’s and history. Also, trees keep a home shady and provide beautiful foliage to Hollis landscape. We care about trees. We understand that trees must make way for electrical lines and electrical utility poles. Therefore we have created a system to match with federal and state regulations for minimum clearances between trees and power lines. We are licensed, insured, and professional foresters, and we will trim, prune or remove trees when it comes to public safety.

Who is JRs Tree Service Hollis, NY

JRs Tree Service is proud to be the highest rated tree service in Hollis, NY. Our reviews speak for themself.
JRs Tree service has been working exclusively in Hollis, NY since they started cutting trees over 25 years ago. They have worked hard to deliver great service to every customer and built a reputation second to none. If you’re looking for experts who will get the job done right then you have found the right crew. JRs Tree Service will provide a 5 star service and give you the best value in town. Call us today: 718-723-3025

What Exactly is Tree Trimming Hollis, NY?

JRs Tree Service trims young trees to develop and encourage proper growth habits at an early stage. Hollis, NY tree trimming Service companies will often trim trees depending upon the needs of that tree and what time of year. Correct Trimming of trees will maintain a strong tree stump or structure. Trimming trees will prevent safety hazards such like low branches that are subject to storm damage near a sidewalk or driveway.

What Does Tree Removal Hollis, NY Include

When we remove Tree it will include bringing the tree down to a stump. For the remainder of the job, we can chip or haul rest of the tree. We are a company that provides tree removal in Hollis, NY, and the small branches or chip the branches for you on-site. Cutting the trunk into small sections can be done and left on location. If you want the stump to ground up and removed – this can be done too. Stumps are ground up by a very particular tool. Therefore maybe an additional cost.

Roots are not included in the additional fee. In Hollis, NY there are alot of very old trees where the roots have come up into the pavement or disrupted hard.
Wood splitting can also be done for a fee. This too will be done with an additional and specific tool.

Commercial Tree Service Hollis, NY

What’s Included in Commercial Tree Service. Trees can provide great benefits for any business property. They add natural beauty, enhance water and air quality, and especially Shade in the summertime. Commercial tree trimming in Hollis, NY is essential to the esthetics of any business property.