Does Your Home Need Tree Removal Services in Queens?

Your home is your castle – a place where you can come home to feel safe and secure. Your yard is another place where you seek tranquility and comfort. One never thinks about the trees, the scrubs or even the quality of the grass. How do you know a tree needs to be trimmed or need tree removal services. Call Queens Tree Services JRs Tree Services at (718) 723-3025

What is the longevity of the trees? Do the scrubs need to be trimmed back for better growth? Does your grass need fertilizer for better growth.

Being in the backyard one never thinks to look up and see the condition of the trees. Are these trees healthy? How long have they lived? How can I keep the trees in good shape. Trees, shrubs and plants are one way to give your home great curb appeal and to feel like a part of your sanctuary. A sanctuary you can relax and be at ease. But when the trees and shrubs are not in good health – many times trees and scrubs have to be removed and leave your yard completely barren and void of any vegetation and beauty.

When your yard and the growth of your trees are properly maintained, it can be a sanctuary. Many times when trees are not nurtured or cared for, trees can become diseased. Many times trees can be prevented from having diseased. But when trees do get diseased they are a health risk and it’s unfortunate that tree removal services will be evident.

When do trees have to be removed in queens?

Everyone knows how trees are important in providing life to the planet and the rest of living beings. So why is there a need to remove them from places where they naturally grew?

When Trees are damaged by a storm there at times is no way a tree can withstand the damage or regain any type of growth and will have to be removed. When a tree has fallen from the root base – it will have to be removed completely – even the stump will have to be ground away and removed.

How can you tell a tree is diseased in queens.


The tree can acquire a disease that will either spread to other trees or is incurable – a tree will have to be removed in Queens. Many tree diseases can be prevented by having an arborist come and examine the tree. Make sure to call JRs Tree Services in Queens.

A tree may also grow to where it is causing damage to your property, your sanctuary. Or may cause substantial property if you experience high winds are a storm the tree may not be able to survive from. Have a Tree Removal Service in Queens like JRs Tree Services come out for a free estimate. Trees will need to be removed by an expert.

There are also times when trees can pose a threat to your property when the roots from the stump are popping out of the grund. This could be hazardous to your children playing and sidewalks becoming uneven. When trees are not planted in the right place – roots from the trees can also puncture the sewer and plumbing lines.
Don’t forget about those low hanging branches that could puncture your home’s roof. Those branches could also puncture a hole in the roof if the branch were to snap off due to old age.

Other times, trees are removed to give way for construction of gardens, residences or commercial spaces. Many times a new tree is planted in exchange. Please see an arborist for native tree choices and the best place for a optimum tree growth. Any time a tree is removed – it should be handled by a professional tree service company like JRs Tree Service who has over 25 years of experience. Tree removal can be dangerous to you and your property if not done right.


Keeping Healthy Trees with the help of Queens Professional Tree Service.


A common mistake people make is to cut limbs off a tree any time of the year. Many tree species require special need when cutting limbs. Some trees will become diseased if not cut in the right season. Never attempt to cut down a tree yourself or remove large limbs from a tree. This could be very dangerous.

Be rational and smart behind hiring tree removal services. Think of the longevity of your trees in your yard. Think of your long time sanctuary and curb appeal. When there are no trees or curb appeal – the value of your home goes down and so does the moral of it being a sanctuary.



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